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Nespresso Momento 200

Model : Nespresso Momento 200

Simplicity and intuitiveness at the heart of each coffee moment

  • Easy to use: elegant and simple display to guide customers step by step to brew a coffee or conduct machine daily operation
  • Simple and fast to repair: modular design which allows technician to easily and quickly access critical machine component thus minimizing downtime for customers
  • Capsule recognition: recommends the optimal cup length and provides information of the aromatic coffee notes and intensity for the selected capsule in the Nespresso Professional range
  • Minimized Brewing sound
  • Connectivity to allow remote software update
  • Double extraction head for 60 to 100 coffees a day
  • Ideal for larger companies (+40 users)
  • Double water capacity and direct water connection
  • Digital touch screen
  • Automatic off mode
  • Hot water function
  • High pressure extraction system
  • Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo and Americano
Booth No. A17
Company name Nespresso
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Tel. 02-657-8000
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Type of Business Coffee and Machine
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