Why Exhibit

  • Huge market potentials in Thailand and ASEAN countries, with a combined market size of 660 million population.
  • More new demands for new food/hotel equipment/supplies/ingredients.
  • Great opportunities to launch new technology products to stay ahead in the market.
  • Attractive activities to draw in target visitors/buyers. i.e. Seminar, Hotel Management Forum, HORECA Live Theater, TRAFS & Taste, Next Executive Chef Management Program, Business Matching, etc.

Exhibit profile

  1. Hospitality
    • Hotel/Food Equipment and Supplies
    • Chilling and Freezing Equipment
    • Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
    • Laundry Equipment
    • Bakery Packaging
    • Tableware/Kitchen Utensils
    • Mattress and linens
    • Furniture in and outdoor
    • Vehicles/Golf carts
    • Amenity/Spa products
    • Uniforms
  2. Coffee, Bakery, Ice Cream & Tea
    • Coffee, Bakery and Ice Cream Equipment
    • Ingredients and Supplies
    • Coffee Beans/ Syrup/ Accessories
    • Bakery Packaging
  3. Food Products/Beverages
    • Meat and Poultry, Seafoods
    • Fine and Ready-to-Eat Food
    • Food Ingredients
    • Dairy Products/Cheese
    • Wine, Beer, Liquor
    • Halal Food
  4. Hospitality Technology
    • Information system
    • Signage / LED Display
    • Security

Media & MKT Plan

We plan to launch extensive publicity coverage in leading publications and online media, both Thailand and International, in order to reach and bring target groups/buyers to meet with you.


  • Advertisement campaign on newspapers
  • Advertisement on leading targeted magazines
  • E-Newsletters
  • Website
  • Web and Banner links
  • Press Release
  • Show Invitation
  • VIP Invitation
  • Facebook /Line/ LinkedIn
  • SMS
  • Tele Calls


  • Advertisement in leading targeted trade publications.
  • E-brochure
  • Web and Banner links
  • E-Newsletters
  • VIP Invitation